All logs are not created equal. If you use wood for heating or open fires make sure it is well-seasoned and dry. Good logs burn hotter and cleaner. Anything else is really not worth using and can cause problems for your stove and flue.

As many of you may know by now, beginning this season the Estate will stop selling firewood to our residents and the wider local community. This decision has been taken for a number of reasons including growing demand and the difficulty we have had sourcing enough timber from our own woodlands. Also, there are now a number of other good, specialist suppliers in Peeblesshire, which was not the case when we started nearly a decade ago.

One of these suppliers – Blaze Firewood – will be setting up an annex at Glen to process timber forwarded to the farm from our woodlands – mostly winter wind blow – and will be on-site for regular deliveries within our community. Blaze’s pricing is competitive and they offer a range of logs from softwood to kiln dried hardwood.

If you would like to order logs from Blaze they can be contacted here

We no longer sell logs